My work is to helps you to navigate through the changes in your life.  As a result you find the Truth of who you are.  Most of us live with the pains of from our past determining who we are and how we function, affecting every thought and feeling we experience and every decision we make. 

The changes, the evolution that wants to happen in your life can come in through many doorways. Sometimes it is as subtle as realizing you are uncomfortable or dissatisfied or feel empty. Sometimes they are big: Disease, Divorce, Devastation, Death, Betrayal.  If you honor these feelings instead of pushing them away, they have the potential to guide you into the next level of your life. 

It is not about “letting go” of your life, rather it is changing your relationship with the aspects of your life that no longer serve you. Changes tells you what those aspects are.

This is the journey we take together.  This is the process of Transformation.  I have been through very difficult doorways and have the strength and ability to guide you in yours.  I have had an incredibly complicated, challenging life, and the process of healing of my own life has taught me how to help you with your journey.  In the 35 years I have been doing this work, I acquired a great deal of education along the way including a Ph.D., but Life has been my greatest teacher.

Your work is a deep commitment to yourself, a commitment to want to find your highest manifestation possible, and be willing to go through the changes that happen as a result of that commitment.  You have to be willing to see aspects of yourself you have spent a life denying.  It is not easy and almost impossible to do alone.  It doesn’t happen fast, and it is not always comfortable, but it is the most rewarding journey you will ever make in your life.


Here is where I will list what classes, teleseminars and workshops will be happening.  Let me know if there is something in particular you are interested in learning about.  


Love and blessings