My work is to helps you to navigate through the changes in your life.  As a result you find the Truth of who you are.  Most of us live with the pains of from our past determining who we are and how we function, affecting every thought and feeling we experience and every decision we make. 

The changes, the evolution that wants to happen in your life can come in through many doorways. Sometimes it is as subtle as realizing you are uncomfortable or dissatisfied or feel empty. Sometimes they are big: Disease, Divorce, Devastation, Death, Betrayal.  If you honor these feelings instead of pushing them away, they have the potential to guide you into the next level of your life. 

It is not about “letting go” of your life, rather it is changing your relationship with the aspects of your life that no longer serve you. Changes tells you what those aspects are.

This is the journey we take together.  This is the process of Transformation.  I have been through very difficult doorways and have the strength and ability to guide you in yours.  I have had an incredibly complicated, challenging life, and the process of healing of my own life has taught me how to help you with your journey.  In the 35 years I have been doing this work, I acquired a great deal of education along the way including a Ph.D., but Life has been my greatest teacher.

Your work is a deep commitment to yourself, a commitment to want to find your highest manifestation possible, and be willing to go through the changes that happen as a result of that commitment.  You have to be willing to see aspects of yourself you have spent a life denying.  It is not easy and almost impossible to do alone.  It doesn’t happen fast, and it is not always comfortable, but it is the most rewarding journey you will ever make in your life.


Here is where I will list what classes, teleseminars and workshops will be happening.  Let me know if there is something in particular you are interested in learning about.  


Love and blessings



Greetings All,

As we move more fully into Spring, having just passed the Spring Equinox, it’s time to learn how to manifest what we have been dreaming since the New Year. 


I am offering a series of classes to support the changes and transformations that seems to be rocking everyone’s world right now, in major and minor ways.  I’m excited to get back to my teaching, as it’s always such a high energy experience to be with everyone in circle.  These classes with be both informative and experiential, making them a rich and lively experience for everyone.  No previous training is required. The only requirements are a willingness to learn and an openness to new ways of seeing Life.


We will meet at 617 Veterans Blvd. Suite 210, Redwood City, CA.  It’s right off the Whipple Avenue exit and easy to access with plenty of parking. 


The cost for each class will be a sliding scale from $60 to $45.  I ask everyone to honorably place your self appropriately on that scale.


We have limited space so I’m asking for a non-refundable $20 deposit to hold your seat.  Until I get a digital system set up, email me back and I’ll give you  the address to send your deposit check.  Thanks for your patience with me on this part. 




Sunday, April 19th – 10am - 2pm

Emotions we don’t know what to do with: Fear 

This is the first in a series of classes exploring emotions that are challenging or difficult.  Fear is one of the more confusion emotions both internally and externally.  Learn how to discover the wisdom of this emotion so it can become a guiding force rather than a obstacle.



Sunday April 19th - 3 - 7pm

Calming the Inner Critic 

We all have one.  It’s that incessant voice that is always whispering doubts about our thoughts, abilities, appearances, relationships, professional ability, etc., directing our life from behind the screen of unconsciousness.  Learn how to change your relationship with this aspect and take back control of your life to move in a healthier direction.


Sunday May 3rd – 10am - 2pm

Medical Cannabis – an A to Z  

For over 70 years we have consistently been given misinformation about one of the more important plants of our time.  If you have had questions but didn’t know where to get them answered, bring them and join us for a lively informative discussion. 


Sunday May 3rd – 3 - 7pm

Easy Meditation for Busy People 

Meditation is often presented as something that requires dedication of hours of time and years of learning.  Discover how to create a meditative style that happens while you are on the go, living the rest of your life. 



Sunday May 17th – 10am - 2pm

Clearing our Homes or Work of Negative Energy 

Our home and work spaces hold whatever energies are experienced within its walls.  Anger, sadness, illness, grief, fear… These can all leave a residue that can continue to affect how we feel when we there.  Learn techniques for identifying unwanted energies, and how to clear them from your environment.


Sunday May 17th – 3 -7pm

Creating Sacred Space in our Home

 Our homes are where we eat, sleep, interact, play, dream and imagine.  Learning how to treat your home as a Sacred Space supports you in unimaginably powerful ways.  Develop simple habits to create and sustain the highest energy possible for you and your family.



Sunday May 24th – 12 - 4pm

Menstrual Mysteries:  Menstruation as Spiritual Initiation

Our menstrual cycle is the most important cycle on the planet.  Yet we ignore it, missing out on the inherent power and intelligence it offers.  In addition to allowing for the creation of life, this cycle contains energy and guidance that we have been cut off from, robbing us of our power as women.  Discover how to change your relationship with this cycle and move into the opportunity for expansion and clarity it offers.


Sunday June 7th - 10am - 2pm

Emotions we don’t know what to do with: Anger

Anger is one of the most misunderstood emotions of our human experience.  We are not taught it’s purpose, or how to work with it in a healthy way.  It often creates havoc or damage when the destructive aspect of it is released.  This is a powerful, necessary human emotion that needs to be understood, healed and honored for the guidance and wisdom it contains.  Learn how to change your relationship with this powerful emotion. 


Sunday June 7th – 3 -7pm

Menopause – Transition to Deep Authority

 After spending 40 years of spiritual practice with our Menstrual cycle, we move into Menopause – where all of our practice comes to fruition as we learn to hold incredible strength, power, clarity and a short supply of patience for the nonsense of life.  Knowing how to hold this powerful hormonal energy is a deep skill base that we have forgotten to teach our women.  Learn how now.  No matter where you are in your Blood Cycle this class will be of benefit to you. 


Sunday June 21st – 10am - 2pm – Summer Solstice

Women as Healers:  Shamanic Teachings for Sustaining our World 

The Shamanic view of the world recognizes the Intelligence of all Life Forms and the Cycles of the Year.  By bringing in this Indigenous understanding of “Life as our Relatives” we learn how changing our perspective supports our planet and allows us to access our deepest wisdom. This enhances our joyful experience of every moment of life. 



Sunday June 21st – 3 - 7pm

Psychedelic Medicine for our World – In Shamanic Cultures all over the world and back through millennium, original people have worked with the Intelligence of Plant Medicines to help them access Spirits, Heal from Illness, Vision Events and Create Social Harmony.  We have been taught that all of these medicines are dangerous.  This is not true.  Learn some of the history of healing with psychedelics, and learn about current FDA research that is taking place, demonstrating some of their healing benefits.  It’s important we learn how to bring these medicines back into their rightful place in our lives in a safe and beneficial way.