After a series of devastating personal losses, a good friend referred me to Maggi. Maggi gave me essential guidance through the grieving process and went on to help me with a great personal transformation. Through committed work with Maggi, I was able to transform my personal and professional life and really live the life I had long desired. I can honestly say this would not have happened without Maggi's help. I have referred many close friends to Maggi and hope that others also have the chance to benefit from her incredible spiritual and therapeutic gifts.

MM, Florida


I LOVE Maggi and am so thankful for her services!  She has opened me up to a new world of spirituality, growth, and happiness.  Friends of mine have commented that they have seen a change in me since I started working with Maggi and even told me they like the new me better.   Working with Maggi has made me a calmer and better person.  Maggi has shown be the beautiful possibilities for my future. 

 R.L. California


Maggi Quinlan helped me through a very difficult time in my life when I was face to face with deep trauma that had taken away my brightness. She offered me a safe and loving environment to move through this difficult pain and release it so I could begin to understand my past and more authentic self. Through this journey, I was able to make new room for a more positive and fulfilling way of life. I have much love and gratitude for her ways. Her brightness and humor eased the work we did and I look forward to more work with her; thank you Maggi !

 MMC,  California


It is hard for me to find words to express how beautiful, healing and sometimes terrifying my work with Maggi has been.  To risk making a really broad generalization, I would say that our first year was about the pain I did not know I had, the second was about the fear I did not know I had, and the third year was about the power, that again, I didn’t know I had.

I could not, in a million years, have meditated, affirmed, prayed or intended myself into the place of grace I am in now. I know this because I read, prayed, did “intensives” of many kinds, followed some wonderful teachers, was inspired by many wise teachings for over 30 years, and I stayed deeply and completely lost at such a profound level that I did not even know I was lost.  All I did know was that I had no real joy in my life.

Working with Maggi has transformed my life.  I have healed more than I would ever have thought possible, actually, more than I ever would have wanted had I known what I was getting into.  I am beginning to experience myself as a woman of power and beauty.  Maggi has held me, loved me, and never once shown judgment or disappointment when I have shown her my ugliest, most shameful secrets. 

If you are willing to show up and do the work, Maggi Quinlan will walk with you and guide you into a place where you can experience the beauty of your own true nature.

Reverend Rose Lynette Jett, Oregon


I think of Maggi as my guiding coach, the woman who accompanies me thru many difficult challenges and helps me to see another perspective and honor my Feminine self.

Susan, California


Maggi Quinlan is a gift. She listens, she is accessible, she is wise. The time I spend with Maggi brings clarity to my confusion and gives me new choices from which to live my life.I have been in the presence of many spiritual healers in my life, including the Dalai Lama, and, like all great healers, Maggi creates a space where the mind is harnessed and the heart is set free. What peace! What bliss!  

Kate, California


My wife and I had both worked with Maggi privately but our greatest healing came when our adult daughter was about to embark on a life decision that neither of us could understand or support. We were on the verge of losing our daughter whom we love deeply. After several family sessions with Maggi we were not only able to understand and embrace her decision, but deepen our family bonds in the process. Dear Maggi, thank you for getting us back on the right track!

I worked with Maggi for several years when I lived in California and marveled at her ability to sense what I was feeling in my body. She had me focus on those feelings and it always helped me to get in touch with something that was deeper and needed healing. When I moved abroad I was more amazed that, even over the phone, Maggi was still able to tune into what I was feeling in my body even though she could not see me. In many ways our remote healing work was even more profound and insightful.

J.W. Italy


Weaving design of ancient song and silence, Offering the Elements with healing resonanc

She grounds energetic intensities and stirs with Earth, Diviner of strategies and limiting behaviors

Celebrant of group expression, Maggi embraces the embodiment of male and female heart and ability

She holds form for Earth justice, expansion of love and story, Planting at the crossroad of states of being

Along the rides of wisdom’s resources, She helps bring us back in circulation and health

 Linda, California


18 months ago I was at, perhaps, the lowest point in my life. At age 44 I was barely functioning, spending most of my days in bed wallowing in a dark pit of depression. I’ve been to probably 8-10 therapists of various flavors over my lifetime (from a Minister to psychologists to a psychiatrist), started taking anti-depressants 15 years ago (and have by now tried most of them), and have dabbled in various spiritual and dietary endeavors aimed at healing my pain. Some of these things helped, but some of them made things worse. So, I was really at a crossroads when I was referred to Maggi Quinlan in February 2011 and I believe she helped save my life.

Maggi has a way of teasing out the real issue at hand and leading you deeper and deeper into the root of the pain. She always seems to know what is needed at that particular time, and while she is a gentle guide, she doesn’t accept excuses and she will call it as she sees it. Maggi shares her own experiences freely, and there is a lot to learn from the work she has done on her own healing and growth; indeed it makes her the healer extraordinaire that she is.

Working with Maggi has been an amazing journey for me, though certainly not easy or painless. She has made me see the patterns I’ve developed over my lifetime as a way of coping with my circumstances, and has given me the courage to break away from them to start on the path to becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. She has helped me to truly trust my intuition. She has helped me to reconcile with my past while becoming hopeful about the future. I highly recommend Maggi Quinlan for anyone who is truly seeking healing and growth. If you’re willing to enter the process with an open heart and mind, and ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, you will be embarking on an amazing journey!

UL  California


In a society that lacks authentic rites of passage, and places more value on intellectual thought than feelings, navigating life’s crossroads can often become formidable, even disabling. I sought Maggi’s assistance at two crucial points in my life: soon after marrying, prior to abandoning my career, and moving abroad for an undetermined amount of time; and again when I was expecting. In both cases, trying to “think” my way through challenges that required another type of action had gotten me “stuck.” As a spirit guide, Maggi helped me get “unstuck” by accessing my deeper centers of wisdom. My choices resulted in difficult paths forward, but also ones of growth and no regret. I’ve explored many therapeutic techniques but few are as potent as her approach: compassionate and respectful yet frank and efficient, modern and savvy yet rooted in ancient tradition. By helping me to increase my repertoire of analytical and emotional instincts by directly seeking my own guidance from within, Maggi helped me find an enduring source of direction and power. Many of my regular reminders and mantras are derived from advice received while working with her. I can recommend her amply to anyone seeking to reach a “next level” in his or her proactive and conscious lives.

N. Salgado, M.A., Mexico