Life is constantly changing.  Whether we like it or not.


Shifts in our Relationships, Health, Work, Finances, and Awareness 

 are some of the major motivators for our personal evolution.


Learn how to consciously navigate and follow the process that major events evoke in our lives.  

Discover how to allow your life to change in ways you

couldn't have ever imagined. 



Receive support to learn how to pay attention to the quieter nudges life provides to us daily.

Listen to the places that aren't working.

Notice the dreams and visions that are whispering

to you.  

Learn how to bring them into reality.  

Develop higher Self Awareness

Allow yourself to move beyond the limitations that may exist in your life, either inside or outside.


 Life can be wonderous,no matter what challenges you are walking through.

 Allow yourself to be supported.

Invite your life to transform as gently and painlesslyas possible. 


I am available for in person sessions in

Half Moon Bay and Redwood City.


I am also available for phone sessions

from around the US and Internationally.


Please email me for informtion.